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How We Work


The concept of KeyWord consists in systematic extraction, processing, use and updating of keywords, i.e. a glossary tailored to the specific customer.

At KeyWord, the way we work with clients may not be what you are used to.


On the basis of a preliminary enquiry or meeting, we will ask you to provide sources from which we build our translation memories and terminology bases and customize tools for extracting and processing these sources. These include your company's website, sales literature, internal databases, contracts (where published), price lists, etc. In addition to your company documents, we will ask for suggestions of available resources from your partners, suppliers or even competitors.

Image by Annie Spratt

This gives us a unique set of resources that enter into our process of extracting and processing translation memories and terminology bases. We use these to produce the first glossary versions, which then undergo validation, a process in which you may participate if you wish. Our terminology extraction tools and customized AI tools are at work the whole time.


Validated glossaries and translation memories are used by our linguists on our cloud translation systems in the spirit of "one for all and all for one”. We keep everything under tight control. If you choose, you can be directly involved in the translation process. You can consult the translation with us online before we hand it over.


We make a final check of the final translation on the web, in pdf and other formats, for good measure.


Our databases and glossaries live in parallel to your corporate reality.


Keyword. Always a Step Ahead.

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