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Who We Are

A typical translation agency employs project managers, translators, proofreaders and graphic designers.


abstraktní pozadí
Chief Linguist Officer and CEO
HR Manager

linguist and translator, managerial education and experience in managing international companies, PhD in information technology.

systematically searches for talent and builds teams for specific customers and projects.

Project Managers
Linguist Researchers
Computational Linguists
Specialists in Prompt Engineering
Language Post-Editors

people who take care of individual clients and contracts

search and assess linguistic resources for translation memories and terminology databases

process linguistic input from acquired sources, continuously update translation memories and terminology databases

collaborate on the development of AI tools for terminology resource extraction, automation and integration of resources into translation tools

classic translators trained in MTPE (Machine Translation Post-Editing), they have a specific skillset beyond traditional translation, in addition to linguistic competence, an essential criterion for their selection is skill in the use of translation tools, machine translation and AI

proofread the text

QA Specialists

use QA tools and perform a final check of the translation in terms of consistent use of terminology, formality, text structure and project workflow.

Graphic Pre- and Post-editors

prepare inputs for translation using translation tools and subsequent basic graphic editing and preparation for final graphic work

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