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The era of machine translation, the rapid development of artificial intelligence is beginning; standard translation agencies are a thing of the past...
Why use a translation agency?
Which translations can you handle in-house?
Is translation worth the cost?
Which agency should we use?
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  • Why use a translation agency?
    Can you create and maintain glossaries of dozens or hundreds of terms in all the languages we need? Can you translate every text – from business, legal and financial reports to marketing messages – to really engage our clients? Can you translate within our timelines? Do you have in-house staff for all languages who do not have to focus on their own core activities and can concentrate on translation? If so, is it worth to releasing these staff from their core activities? Are they professionals who can leverage the latest translation technologies, terminology management systems and quality control tools? Do you have the latest translation tools at our disposal? Do you want to insource translation activities at the expense of our core activities? The answers are simple. We have experienced, qualified translators with linguistic and cultural expertise in the target language. In addition, as an agency with the latest technology, we leverage AI, machine translation and quality control tools to ensure faster and more accurate translations. Cooperation with an agency provides you with top quality and a professional approach. And quality assurance? Translation quality is ensured by a combination of experienced, professionally trained translators, advanced technology and quality control. We use AI and machine translation, which is then checked and edited by human translators. In this way, we achieve the highest possible level of quality and accuracy. How can terminology be effectively managed? Terminology management is crucial for consistent, high-quality translations. We use management tools that maintain terminology lexicons and glossaries for individual projects or clients. These tools allow easy, efficient updates and sharing of terminology among translators, ensuring terminological consistency across different projects and documents.
  • Is translation worth the cost?
    The economic logic is simple. If you provide translations by your own staff, you save the cost of outsourced services. Is this an activity you want to insource? Is this your core business? How much will it cost you in staff time spent on translation instead of on day-to-day operations? Calculate the cost savings minus the cost of staff time. The result should be in the black. If it is, who will ultimately check the quality of the translations? In all languages? In Hungarian, for example? Will there be one employee working on translations? More than one? Will they take turns? Who's going to coordinate everything? Ultimately, it’s a question of whether you want to insource the activities of a translation agency or focus on the key activities that bring you business.
  • Which translations can you handle in-house?
    On your own you can handle internal documents, simple materials, routine communications and short marketing posts if you have staff with the necessary language skills. Machine translation can also be used for preliminary translations or to understand basic content. If you want, we can give you a hand. It's up to you. Then leave the more important marketing copy or professional and legal texts to us. Simply put, texts that will go to the customer, that have to be 100%, that have major economic, legal or regulatory implications.
  • Which agency should you choose?
    Definitely avoid those agencies that offer top quality, the most experienced translators in all languages and the best deadlines. Because they all offer that :-D How about an agency that leverages the latest in AI, machine translation and terminology extraction, creation and management technologies and employs staff who can actively leverage these technologies and talk with AI? How about an agency that will create terminology glossaries and translation memories for free and proactively, and have the databases ready and constantly learning before they even start working for you? How about an agency that leverages the terminology, multilingual resources and SEO keywords of your company, your partners, suppliers and competitors? Simply, an agency that has systematically dedicated itself to the extraction, management and use of keywords for 7 years... KeyWord.

KeyWord. Always a Step Ahead.

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